Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its a Rainy Day!

It is raining outside. And I am warm and cozy inside.

I wish, I would- translate the beauty of the rain, to living dew on the page. Living, because it is life giving, and not but life can give birth to life. The city is bathed in rain.

Yes, it is not such a blessing to those who are in the valleys. Because the water is in the houses, and they cannot go out to play, nor stay in to sleep. Kampala is a city of hills and valleys. And when it rains, the valleys flood, and water everywhere is a sheet unbroken, flooding the ground.

I have lived in this city for most of my short life.
Yet there are some things which I am yet to see. Like the misery of the plain slums, not those of the heights of Naguru. But I have heard of the rumors, of rain and sun that makes this paradise a hell for some.

Money. Life’s apparent oil.

Yet, to think of it, us privileged few are not as adapted as those who have to sludge it out day after day. In mines, in poverty, in rain and sun, in the cold when it snows and when it rains with no shelter. Harder life than mine, but they have survived it.

Papers. Took a flat 2 minutes to pass through the New Vision.

No news, is good news? 30 something pages of soon to be toilet paper.

Maybe it would have been better not to come to work. The cold is too much, my nose overbearing, heavy, blocked. Cant work much. Cant stop looking out at the rain and cars and traffic and people. A sumptuous feast of eye candy.

The Cartoon? Its from the Monitor newspaper. The caption says, “Almost daily, humans and Marabou Storks fight for fish leftovers dumped at Kasenyi landing site in Entebbe, probably for food.” Would it be more amusing if it was not true? I doubt it. That is real life, unencumbered by the many ideals which we want to load it with.




Anonymous tumwijuke said...

GUG - While I appreciate your writing (and even like one or two pieces), you have (inadvertently?) turned this blog into less and less of what it was intended to be - a place for news, views and information about the great city of Kampala - into a private bully pulpit for yourself.

What is more disheartening is the duplication of posts on your personal blog and on forum. In all honesty, it is a tad redundant and irritating, what with all the double posts, and it is nothing like The Kampalan that I had come to love.

Surely there are ways you can diversify your writing without killing your content. Surely you don't need to double post.

Dennis, Iwaya, Nate, Dee, 27th, somebody! Help! Shut this page down or rename it Gay Uganda II.

March 27, 2008 at 3:24 PM  
Blogger gayuganda said...


Someone is realy irritated.

See, Dennis, Iwaya, Nate, Dee, 27th and somebody else, they all can post, but they are not posting.

I guess you can also post.

I have not actually stopped them from posting.

I duplicate some (but not all) of the posts here because of the simple reason I am told that people are not so confortable on my blog, because of my 'theme' as 27th so succintly put it. I am not posting here the more inflammatory material of my theme, but, well, I would rather not leave a blank page all the time, with no renewals.

Surely Kampala is a dynamic city?

Please, go ahead and post, I am not stopping anyone to. I am just wondering why there are supposed to be 5 other contributors, and I sees nothing else but my occasional posts here!


April 5, 2008 at 6:06 PM  

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