Monday, February 25, 2008

BHH Feb 08

It is time once again for Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour. If you can
remember, when I put up the announcement for last month's BHH I mentioned that February's BHH would be on 28th Feb 2008. Same place, same time. Mateos at 6.30. On the agenda is discussing switching the day we meet and the place. I have had a few people say to me we should think of different things if only to make it more interesting. I can't wait to hear from y'all what y'all think.

Also, of course, the winners of the Uganda Best Of Blogs will be announced. I will tell you now that it is a very close one for most of the categories but you will have to wait till Thursday to find out. Winners will be presented with a virtual award you can put on your blog for all your visitors to know just how accomplished you and your blog really are. It is basically just a text widget but it looks cool, we have Ivan to thank for that.
See y'all Thursday. I personally can't wait. (A round on me, [not really])

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