Sunday, February 3, 2008

New for 2008

The poll is over, and the people have spoken. Those of you who voted showed an overwhelming fondness for The Kampalan. A slight majority want to narrow the blog's focus to entertainment and city-specific information, while forty percent of you like things just the way they are.

For those of you who are happy with The Kampalan as it stands, keep writing, keep posting, and enjoy yourselves. Your personal reflections and quirky questions make this space a unique reflection of the Ugandan blogosphere.

For those of you who want something a little different out of The Kampalan, here's what we need:

The K'la Insider
Have connections? Bad at keeping secrets? Write for us. We're looking for a writer who not only knows who's who but also who's dating whom and who's saying what about whom. The only secret we want you to keep is yours — whether you're male or female, expat or local, student or vendor of jackfruit. Keep us guessing while you dish up the goods on everyone else.
Suggested reading: Jezebel, Perez Hilton, Defamer

The Political Pundit
Politics your thing? Dying for a place to take the New Vision to task over the latest Parliamentary proposition? This is the spot for you. Get down and dirty with the inner workings of the State House and tell us what you'd do with the nation's top job.
Suggested reading: Daily Kos, Wonkette, Politico

The News Junkie
Can't get through the day without checking on the Monitor, the New Vision and Bukedde? Know what the papers are going to say before you even open them? Be our media maven. Round up the biggest stories of the news cycle in a paragraph or two and let fellow Kampalan readers know what they should be paying attention to today.
Suggested reading: Midnight Poutine's Morning Brew, Slate's Today's Papers

If any of these (unpaid) positions interest you, e-mail me and we'll get you set up.


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