Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Literary Blogren

Lucy at where beauty lies has issued a challenge: write a short story, on a theme to be decided, for inclusion in an anthology of works by Ugandan bloggers:

i was wondering if we could all,as blogren write a short story anthology.
i was planning to do one solo and thought i would pass on the idea and say use one theme... like 'a cup of tea' or something like that so that it rotates around one theme but various voices..


can we do it? lemme know
and we could do our own blogeren collection

ummm pick a theme, the most voted for theme will be used and deadline for stories should be 30th april this year. i will deal with the publishing and stuff pass it on to the other bloggers. thanks...
thats if you are game

1. a table for two.
2. i call it war!
3. when love loses meaning.
4. the punctuated letter.
5. a lot about life
6. urban afternoons
7. over a mug of coffee
8. did you hear that? (collection of ghost stories)
9. i didnt die (horror and macabre stories)
10. when we say goodbye. (as long as its sad, death of people, heartbreak etc)
11. Lover's rock (about love)

Head over to the original post to vote for your favorite topic, then start writing.

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