Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cabinet Court Jester.

I am the Devil's Advocate, so, you will all allow me a licence to humour.

I have been keenly following the Nsaba Buturo statements over the years.

I have, because he is so 'anti-gay'. So, perforce, I must know what my enemies are doing. I am aware that he is a PhD in Economics. Presumably that means Doctor of Philosophy. It was awarded by a prestigious British University.

The President of the Republic appointed him, at first, State Minister for Information. That was not long ago. He was the official government spokesman, and we got used to his severe, unbending, unsmiling face articulating one thing after another.

He did so well at that post that, in the next he was appointed to a higher post. More in fitting with his high moral standing and political force. He became Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity.

Nsaba Buturo is an intelligent man. I do not doubt that at all.

But his severe court jester face is puzzling me. Or, is it meant to puzzle us?

Is he just playing the game, apparently from off the pitch but actually well within the playing field? The NSSF scandal is a hot potato at the moment. Huge.

A cabinet minister is involved. A potential heir to the throne. Billions in workers' pensions. The opposition, the parliament. Everything.

Then how come the Minister of Ethics and Integrity is, of a sudden, interested in 'miniskirts causing accidents,' to the point he wants them banned? And the stamp down on prostitution to the point of chasing the buyers, and shaming them. Of course the sellers are shameless. Check out Speke Road at 10pm a Saturday night.

Red Herrings, jammers, diversions, distractions?

Could it be that the Honourable Nsaba-Buturo is actually just trying to create a diversion in the heat of the moment? Laughable? Well, I would not put it past him.

The guy is clever. He is no Ssempa. Despite the fact that they both claim PhDs. There are some very significant differences between Ssempa and Nsaba-Buturo.

So, why is he acting the fool?

Nsaba Buturo, Member of Parliament, Minister of Ethics and Integrity- is he also the official Court Jester? A very deliberate Cabinet Comedian?


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