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Owing to the smashing success of their first poetry recital, the The Lantern Society of Poets, under their name "The Lantern Meet" will be hosting their second ever Grand Poetry Recital.

For One Night. And One Night Only, "The Meet" as its known by insiders will be holding a grand recital under the theme "The Campfire". With over 50 pieces of poetry, music, prose and verse to share, the Meet seems pretty sure they can repeat their last feat: keep an audience entirely entertained and thrilled through uncharted territory for three hours!

As if to dare the fates, like they did before, the show is free and they actually plan to start the event on time! This, from an almost diabolical amalgam of law students, engineers, sociologists, doctors, and the ocassional journalist, presents for humor and some tear-jerking moments. For the first time, they will be presenting in the National Theatre Main Auditorium! And yes, all the work they will recite is generated by members of the meet. Add to this guest appearances by some truly gifted; discovered and undiscovered talent, and its really a quetsion of Deal or No Deal?

The Lantern Meet of poets is a group of young poets who gather fortnightly to share and critique poetry. Now entering its third year the meet has grown to have over 50 official members and a whole lot of auxiliaries. The idea behind the meet was born by some students who thought about the need to revive the love and use of poetry in our literal and often bland societal confines. What started as a cell of guys meeting in a friend's room to read poetry has now grown to a fully registered and recognized association.

When the first Grand poetry recital was held in August, it was a nouveau, if even, near-exclusive idea. The idea had been to invite a few friends and have a night of readings. It turned out to be a packed house of 120 people in a room planned and meant for only 80-90 people!

With fresh zeal, the Lantern Meet is back once again in a new theme, brand new poetry from its bumper of litanies, odes and dirges. And all the laughs we had before! Telling stories, compelling poems, demanding guile; all the features that made grandfather stories so irresistable! Around the campfire we will gather, you should too.

Our rich man Zuch surrounded by the Mistresses of Micah in the performance last August

What: The Campfire; A Poetry Recital

When: Friday, 30
th January 2009

Time: 6:00pm -9:00pm

Where: The National Theatre, Main Auditorium

Entrance: FREE!

To register your attendance:
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Or just show up with your love offering for a night of fun and laughter.


Blogger eizzy.k said...

Yea Yeah!
I can testify to the recitals being amazing, i was there 4 the last one as the light switch girl - remember how the lights wud go off during scene changes n suddenly appear when someone was on stage? Yea dat was me!
LoL, but seriously, i had a piece read out by Latim, and i cudnt have done it better myself...

The Lantern meet definatly has talent, and this is a show u dnt wanna miss!

January 29, 2009 at 8:03 PM  

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