Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kasubi Tombs Burning!

It appears the Kasubi Tombs, over a hundred years old, are up in flames right now.

Okay, the Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are burning up.

Usually it is arson when a place like that burns down. They are made of grass thatch, the tombs, so the fire will be absolutely devastating.

Already, some fuckwits around me are saying “Government!” I'd be more-likely to say “Opposition!” But I guess it is more-likely some staffer who was careless with fire. Let us wait for news.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ugandan Alcohol

The Enguli Act is from the colonial days, when (so the myth goes) the colonial Brits wanted to curb the Ugandan tendency for moonshine. It languished as a relic from an age so swiftly and surely gone. We looked at it, with its disparaging name, as yet another thing the pink-eared people did.

Now it has been revived, because, as you know (for are you not Ugandans?), our country has the highest alcohol consumption in the World for the third consecutive year. Roughly twenty litres per month per person!

To curb the tendency for alcohol, a new law will require that bars close by 2200h. Mirabile dictu! This is Uganda! Nobody sleeps before 0200h on Saturday morning!
Of course, the enforcement teams that show up to the bars will be only coming to join the drinking themselves.

And our Bloggers' Happy Hour (the one that gets started in earnest at 1000h, when people raid some innocent, hapless bar like Bubbles O'Leary's or Steak Out)?

(By the way, I moved to a new blog. Run and hide!)

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