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'Foreign', 'Western' Homosexuality

Now that the Kampalan is back to being used, hey, I jump from my usual, to here, to spend a little bit of my ire.

Yeah, I have come because 27th dared to post, (after prodding from me), to attack the anti-homosexual bill.
Maybe, I should be grateful that he posted. Maybe.

But, why don’t I feel grateful?

27th, I know I am bitter, angry, and lashing out. But, you have been hanging around me for long enough to at least know some truths. And, since my country has a law in parliament, to kill and imprison those of us citizens who are like me, I simply gave up the need to moderate my language. Prepare for some Straight Talk.

Why do you consider that my sexuality foreign?

Why do you, and most fellow Ugandans, believe in this myth of the foreigness of homosexuality?
I consider 27th to be fairly well read. That is a compliment, brother. Not a put down. But, with intelligence comes responsibility. Why do you make statements like this,
 “For the rest, who oppose homosexuality as a way to oppose Western hegemony, I am in full support.”

The rest of the paragraph does no favors to your claim to intelligence. I am not very sure whether you actually believe the communist bullshit. It has been out of fashion for such a long time that, I doubt you really believe it. If you do, well, we all have a right to stupidity.

But, I do know you believe in your heart that my sexuality, homosexuality, is part of the push for ‘Western Hegemony’ blah, blah, blah.
You know, you make me feel like I am not African, like I am not a Ugandan. Have to actually pinch myself. Oh, yesterday, on ‘On the Spot’ (NTV), I saw that ignorant Dr Chris B-something (MP and on the Parliament committee for Health), state that homosexuality is un-African, and un-Ugandan. When challenged, he said he was speaking not as a doctor, but, as a Ugandan. It seems as if, being Ugandan is licence to stupidity on all things homosexual. Good god in heaven!

Oh, thank you very much.

So, dear heterosexual Ugandans, where does this leave us the homosexual, gay minority? We cannot have our seat at the table. Because we are gay. We cannot talk about our sexuality, because it is un-African. We cannot defend the lies of ‘recruitment’ and ‘defilement’ that you tell about us. Because we are gay, and thus when we present the truth, we MUST be spreading homosexuality. Matter of fact, the Bahati bill is out to block all free speech, which, by definition, is spreading homosexuality. In the name of, well, stopping the spread of homosexuality.

27th, there is this concept that the ‘hugely, humongously bad ‘West’, is forcing homosexuality down your pure Ugandan, African throat. Where does that leave me?

Oh, I know you are not alone. Yesterday, I had a conversation with a brother of mine. He was shocked to know that I first felt sexually attracted to other males when I was just past puberty. In my teens of course. He couldn’t believe that I had not got this ‘sickness’ from somewhere outside Uganda. I must have got it from a foreigner.

What kind of rubbish do you people think in your uncritical heads?

Ok. A bit of education, 27th. Here are a few facts.

Us homosexuals exist all over the world. We are few, a real minority. About 2-5% of human populations. ALL human populations, even African Ugandan. Homosexuality has been documented in literally ALL animal species. Homosexual Ugandans are a fact. They didn’t get their sexuality from outside. And, you sneering heterosexuals are ignorant of them, and in your deep ignorance, you hurt us with statements like the ‘West’ is forcing you to accept homosexuality.

For heavens sake, take a little time to read your history.

Nazi Germany put gay people in Concentration Camps. 19th Century Holland used to have gay pogroms. That means that there were riots when suspected gay people were hauled out and summary mob justice administered. They were killed, because they were suspected of being homosexuals. As recently as this year, Gordon Brown was giving a tepid apology to British homosexuals who were castrated, medically and surgically, in a bid to rid them of their sexuality. Alan Turing, ‘Father of Computers’ was one of them. He killed himself, after being forced to go on medical castration treatment. Because he was a homosexual. All his gifts to his country were discounted, because of his sexuality.

Open your eyes, Ugandans. Stop blaming MY sexuality on an enemy that is a myth of YOUR mind. Stop acting like you are nincompoops. Stop NOT thinking. Use a few bits of your brain cells.

I listen with incredulity at the lies that Ssempa tells. Why does he have this impunity? Because you listen, and think it is truth, because he is talking about homosexuals. Who, of course are bad, western influenced, and all sorts of nonsense.

Hey, guys, especially you bloggers, where the hell do you put your brain function when the discussion turns to ‘homosexuality’

Huff, puff, huff, puff….!

Breath in…. Breath out….!

A diatribe. But, forgive me, fellow Ugandans,


The excuse that homosexuality is an emotive subject quickly wears thin. What I am talking about is YOUR LOGICAL REASONING CAPACITY. Why does it work for other things, but never for things that are connected with MY sexuality?


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Blogger The 27th Comrade said...

No, I have no legitimate claims to intelligence. Most who know me well enough will concur. :o)

I oppose anything, if these Westerners hold it and use it as a tool with which they can exert themselves on us.
Homosexuality, while, of course, not foreign, has become a foreign tool for imperialist manipulation. See this. See how the Nordics are saying they will cut our aid unless we permit gay parades. Notice that it would be wrong for us to cut ties with them over their having legal status for gay parades. You see, perhaps, why it is not only dangerous, but also disrespectful of our right to disagree with these people. Next thing, they'll be pushing homophobia (you know that they did, once, and we complied).

I choose freedom over bread. As you may have noted, the issue at hand, homosexuality, is only tangential. Freedom is the issue. And for that, a fight is worthy and worthwhile. See the imperialist character of the West in deciding to strong-arm us into complying - "We'll cut aid!" - rather than reasoning with us. As though there is an objective reason to put their "right" to have us, their boot-licking minions, gay-friendly as being above our right to not be gay-friendly as we may have seen fit.

By the way, I had this post to which you allude ready for a long time. But seeing as I have six jobs, the time to blog is hard to find. You did contribute to its getting published in the end, but it is quite old.

So, to hell with the fucking aid. It's done enough damage already, anyway. And, unfortunately, if it carries on like this, where "gay" is a valid synonym for "Western imperialism proxy", you'll get enemies such as myself.

December 4, 2009 at 12:30 PM  
Blogger gayuganda said...


All that time I spent to write that post, all the ....!

It was all useless?

27th, I love you brother, but, you have some pretty fixed ideas. You just refuse to get out of your rut.

Ok. I would remove the post. But, it does no harm remaining there. At least I think so. I will just leave it there.

As to the western imperialistic tendencies...

No comment. Not anymore, brother.

December 4, 2009 at 1:01 PM  
Blogger Eclectic African Kid said...

27th and Kampalan, I've been through your blogs before as an anonymous surfer before and I must say I am impressed by your ability to translate thought and argument into words so easily. My own brains-tip- of-the-fingers connection is dodgy...That said, I wanted to say something.

27th, I totally agree with you on the fact that Aid is being used as a lever. If only to get Uganda to realize that we live in a global world where basic things like the right and freedom to BE (sexually that is) have to be granted to people across the board.
On your point about choosing freedom over bread, may I just say that when AID gets cut, Kampala's middle classes and rich, apart from seeing the roads leap to new degrees of decrepitude won't suffer much. The middle classes of this country care very little about Aid, except when they are in charge of its administration and are creaming for all its worth. . About a 1/3 of it disappears that way.
Aid is the money that is keeping the country's poor alive, it's the ARVs, the malaria medicine, the immunization campaigns and that which we should never discount, the door to all opportunities, Education. But why should they care? Their children are in private school, their wives give birth in private hospitals or abroad
I understand that cutting Aid will hurt the poor most, but the sin is on a government that would rather see its people die ( gays and the poor)while it steals mercilessly , government ministers that speak of God in a way strangely reminiscent of Bush going to Iraq, Pastors that LIE and LIE more without ever blinking.

27th,allow me; When the Rwandese tutsi were butchered, the world looked on. Many comfortably discounted the whole episode as one of those tribal wars( "Those African chaps like to go out once in a rainy season and SORT OUT the tribe next door. It's in their nature, we shouldn't interfere, really. Get me another beer, barman). They were called by their own government, Vermin/ cockroaches,animals, a threat to the majority HUTU, western backed, foreign themselves, un-african(the fabled ethiopid origins, thus the disposal of bodies in the rivers so they may flow back North), the clergy quoted the bible and interpreted it as they saw fit. the government wrote legislation restricting the movements, employment and social life of the tutsi. ID cards stating the ethnic group were issued. Tutsi people paid huge bribes for falsified cards that would save them. Their women were proclaimed overheated thieving whores and their men blood drinking beasts that went for innocent Hutu Children.

The very effective result was a rabid and mostly scared population that had to GET the TUTSI before the TUTSI got them. Any bells ringing???

My comparison is drawn as far as minority groups are concerned and threatened by the majority. May I also add that the genocide of Tutsi was a side issue to the real problem, the government had all but lost control on the political, social and economic fronts. The discontented majority was given the bread and the games....Lalala Uganda

27th I am scared. Excuse the rant but it's one of fear for a country I love driving full throttle into the wall. History is repeating itself.

I want the world to right the wrongs when they happen. Unless we start caring about each other as Humans, we have nothing left. That's why we are in Somalia and why the AU is a sham for not trying to help our very OWN, albeit very confused and superbly ungovernable ,Somali Brothers and sisters.
Kampalan, I believe and I know we are on the right side of History if that is any consolation. We shall overcome.

December 4, 2009 at 1:46 PM  
Blogger The 27th Comrade said...

Hey, Eclectic.

I agree in some parts with what you say. I am not for stoning homosexuals; yet I will stone them - not as "sinners", or "homosexuals", but as collaborators with our most-dangerous enemy, the West.

I will also resist their liberation, as it were, on grounds of the fact that the West agrees with it. Not because I'd not want liberation, had I been one of them. (Hey, I did say recently that I fuck anything that walks - I make every other human look way too tame.)
I just oppose - a priori, until shown to be wrong - anything that West supports for us, because it is the sensible, safe thing to do for an African who isn't too eager to boot-lick the killers of our mothers.

Yes, when the aid goes, the poor will suffer. Then they will step up their vigilance of corruption, for example, so that the little they have may be utilised to their benefit. That the poor will have less resources is a good thing. At this point, the aid is making worms of us - devoid of arms, legs, or intellect, incapable of surviving on our own, because we are parasites upon others.

To fucking hell with aid.

Now, you draw a comparison between Uganda's homosexuals and the Hutu of the Rwandese Genocide. Oh, man, we could draw better links: the lynching of the Blacks in America, the Jewish Holocaust in Nazi Germany, et cetera.

There are two problems with that: murderers, rapists, corrupt officials, and other perpetrators of crime[1] could also cite these things and say they should be spared punishment, because that is their inclination, their orientation, and that they are just an oppressed minority, don't you remember the Jews and the Blacks and the Hutus.
But they'd be wrong. Sometimes, some people have to be treated badly. O, to God that I never be one of those oppressed, though.[2]
Even worse, we could say that those who are strong-armed into having to endure homosexual revelries are the Hutus and Jews and Blacks of today.

The second problem is that this tacitly commits a logical fallacy.
"The Hutus were castigated and killed, which was evil. The homosexuals are being castigated and killed. Therefore this latter one is also evil."
That's like saying: "All my cats are black. Your dog is black. Therefore your dog is my cat."

History is littered with minorities that were killed in this cold, evil World, and nothing came to their rescue. Especially by these same killers of our mothers in the West. I hope, of course, that GUG's group isn't among that number.

[1] This is not to equate homosexuals to these crime groups. I wanted a group to which we are all likely to assign guilt and a need for punishment.
[2] If I were a homosexual, I'd be terrified. But most-likely the absence of terror provokes the terror-inducing backlash. If nobody ever wanted homosexuals to have the right to hold gay parades in schools, as is done in the West, nobody would want to pass this Bill that kills homosexuals.

December 4, 2009 at 6:25 PM  
Blogger gayuganda said...


do you think this is a joke or something?



December 4, 2009 at 6:53 PM  
Blogger The 27th Comrade said...

No, I don't think it is a joke. I think it is serious, and I would not be here otherwise.

I wish I could tell you that everything is fine. If I were President, you'd be safe in this particular matter. But I am not, and you are not.

In any case, where you get a forum such as this one, to discuss your issues, let us all make the most of it, and engage one another. All these people who are supporting the Bill have minds that can and should be reasoned with. (So do those who are opposing the bill.)

No, I don't think it is a joke. To heaven with you all! (But still to fucking hell with aid.) :o)

December 4, 2009 at 7:09 PM  
Blogger Eclectic African Kid said...

@27th, I will have a few questions in future posts about the whole anti west thing? I'd like to know if we are worth sacrificing just because we have the support of people(the west) who are applying principles that we have all in theory adhered to, Human rights.

Is it fair in your opinion or are you just refusing to separate the two issues? That Nsaba says he would rather withdraw from international agreements than bend his morals I am stunned, but I also remember that he thinks Jesus is the one, the only way; Muslims and the rest of the non-christians just don't know yet...but he 's not like you.

Small correction, it was the tutsi that were targets, not the Hutu and I drew the similee not to predict doom but to show the recurring pattern. Black discrimination and so many measures to oppress or worse get rid of a minority have followed the same format...

About small groups being persecuted and no one doing anything about it in History is correct. Doesn't make it all the same shameful. We, as Humans, are obliged to help, prevent such things..
About Aid, I still disagree strongly. In a smooth communist machine where we are taking the hit of cut aid together, evenly across the spectrum of society, it would work. What can a poor mother in Karamoja or Bundibugyo whose kids are hungry and sickly do? How can she challenge the system. We talk of sacrifices that we do not even comprehend....her children for our pride..

27th, if a law was being proposed to jail any (suspected, rumoured or real)heterosexual man who performs cunnilingus( I am not sure but I am almost certain it qualifies as an abomination seeing that it is not the missionnary position and it does not aid procreation and UnAfrican surely...), so if they were discussing outlawing pussy munching by straights I would be on the streets fighting for you, I would organise special underground pussy feasts, I would hook up prospective partners and all that because I believe it is your right to do as you please and my duty to help protect your FREEDOM.
You see this whole campaign is at a stage where most straight people feel nothing for gays. Gays are a corrupt, rich, evil bunch of sinning pigs. I want my humanity back and I want my brothers and sisters to look at me and see me as I am....
LOL, that you fuck anything that walks hahahahahahaha Brother in arms we are, I'm just batting for the other team.....Nice weekend

December 6, 2009 at 7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



December 21, 2009 at 3:18 PM  

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