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Comparative Recounts, and Why Christians Hate Homosexuals

By now, of course, it is old news to mention the Anti-Homosexuality Bill being pushed by some Members of Parliament. The bill would, if passed, make it very dangerous to be a homosexual in Uganda. This post has a heavy religious theme, because that is the colour of the debate at the moment. If you are a Christian, you're advised to look away now and go on your merry way.
I shall discuss why Christians hate homosexuals (hint: it's the DNA), and a few other things. See also. See also.

In this post, I will not dwell on those who oppose the Anti-Homosexuality Bill on grounds other than claimed Christian morality.
For the rest, who oppose homosexuality as a way to oppose Western hegemony, I am in full support. Yes. Indeed, I'd support a ban on reproduction if it were to be pushed by the Western imperialistic fascists. As a general rule of thumb, the West wants for us not what makes us strong and resolute, but what makes us weak and unstable. So, if they support it, oppose it a priori. Only after your suspicion is falsified can you, in good conscience, be in agreement about anything at all with these killers of our mothers.

Yet since this isn't my blog, I will dwell no longer on those who, like our President, oppose homosexuality in as far as it is a limb for Western manipulation, hegemony, uniformisation, do-as-I-say-ism, and bullying.
But if you claim that you support the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, in its full extent, because it disagrees with your Christian morals, I have something to say to you and about you. The rest can leave now.

Check out these three verses, if you will. Matthew 9:10-13, Mark 2:15-17, and Luke 5:29-32. They are helpfully arrayed side-by-side here.
By the way, it is bits like these amongst the gospels, recounting as they do a single event, that let us know that the gospels are, in fact, very accurate. When lawyers want to establish that many “witnesses” are telling the truth about a single event, they look for cases, such as these, where the witnesses vary on the fine points but not on the general picture: this is proof that there was no collusion to make up a similar story, but also that the event did, in fact, happen.

Now, the main point of this episode is that Jesus was hanging out with sinners. Of course, everybody is a sinner, including those who were exclaiming about this. But we also know very well that this is understood by those who, today, want the sinners killed. Back then, just as today, some sinners are more sinners than others, in the eyes of those self-righteous Pharisees, whose seed walks amongst us even today. They didn't mean “Jesus eats with people who aren't perfect!” That charge was valid of everybody. Instead, they meant “Jesus eats with people who are perverts!”

So, you, dear Christian, do you know that being a Christian is made up of being Christ-like? I can bet that, since you support this Bill, you are certainly free of this charge. You are many things—even moral—but you're certainly not being Christ-like. If you were, you'd be like the priests and reverends we denounce for communing with these sinners. (And if you are moral, even though not Christ-like, read on.)

I do not want to imply that homosexuality isn't a sin, according to Christian teaching, or that it shouldn't be considered a sin. Indeed, the whole thesis I present here breaks down if it isn't. Homosexuality is a sin. My incessant using of the word “fuck” is also a sin. Nobody should be proud of his failings, but to not acknowledge them as sin is yet worse than even being proud of them. I'm saying: better a city covered in irritating, stupid, decadent homosexuals marching in a gay parade, knowing that they are sinning against God, than a city where a single Pharisee passes for a follower of Christ of Nazareth!
Homosexuality is a sin. But so is Phariseeism. Indeed, I like how this parable is introduced by Luke, in chapter 18, verses 9 to 14 of the gospel that bears his name:
To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everybody else, Jesus told this parable [...]
So, yes, homosexuality is a sin. It will always be. And for as long as it is, so is Phariseeism.

Now, I have something else to say to these very moral Christian friends of mine. You see, I'm not a Christian and I will never be one. You know why? Because Christians are the one group under the Sun who are most-opposed to the beautiful, liberating, good news of Jesus of Nazareth. Having replaced the Pharisees (see above), they have proceeded to, throughout the times, continually crucify Jesus, over and over again, just as they did when he was their archenemy and they his. (They tasted the Grace of God, which gives pardon not because we are good and sufficient, but because the sacrifice was good and sufficient yet return again to the self-righteousness where our righteousness is because of our works, totally disregarding the whole point of the high price paid, akin to some fucker I paid a bill for last week at Nando's and then he went on to pay it again, making me short of Shs. 7,000 for absolutely no fucking reason. If Jesus needed a greatest possible enemy, the Christians are that enemy.)

Ugandan homosexuals: take heart. You are ultimately of Jesus, if only because you're not Pharisees. You will have been forgiven much, and you'll love much. And amongst you, Uganda's most-hated sinners, will be shown unlimited patience as an example to the rest of us.

I am using the rest of this post as an excuse to develop a theme that it would be wrong to leave hanging. You can stop here if you are disgusted enough already.
So, you want a law to tame the raging out-of-control sin of homosexuality? Well, I'll leave our constitutional law and talk about the Biblical Law, because after all, it is the one that originally inspired what you are doing now. Here, have a couple of verses from the great Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans, chapter 5, verses 20 and 21. The law increases sin. It doesn't decrease it, and it certainly doesn't give righteousness (read all of Romans 5, if you read nothing else today). The Law was given to give life to sin, which lies dead without a law. So the law gives life to sin. Legalism, your fuel, O self-righteous Pharisee, is also your condemnation.

You have the fire to condemn these sinners, homosexuals in this case, because you think yourself righteous. And if you considered yourself righteous for the right reasons, you would know that your being good or bad has no bearing on whether or not you are justified. With that knowledge, you'd be more-likely to give the homosexuals love rather than hate. You can know that you are of your father the Hater and Accuser because that is what you do (genetics, yay!) and you haven't love. Those who know that they are justified, not because of them, but because of love (that is, the love of God for us, even while we were still God-haters!) will have the love of fellow humans as a fruit of this profound-yet-simple realisation. If you do not love your brotherman, you are not of God. (Loving doesn't qualify you to be of God—that is covered elsewhere—loving shows that you have realised the profound love in the Grace of God, and it leaks forth from you. He who has been forgiven much loves much. Grace, then love.) Read all of 1 John 4, if that kind of thing rocks your boat.

So, if you considered yourselves righteous for the right reasons—the Grace—you'd not hate. You would love. But you consider yourselves righteous because you act and live by the Law, obeying it fastidiously. And in so doing, you think you're righteous. Boy, do I have some really, really terrible news for you!
Faith in the Grace of God—which you believe, not see, unlike your works of the Law— is the only justification there is in Jesus. Just merely living by the Law is the problem. As you no doubt know, the just (that is, the justified, the made-righteous) shall live by Faith.

You obey the Law and want to stone us. You have lost even the modesty of the Pharisees who came before you and now you do pick the first stone and throw it!
Shame on you! See Matthew 7:1-5 and see a picture of yourselves, you Christians! Now go on to verse 15 to 23, and see another picture of yourselves—and your fate. I never knew you. Away from me, you evil-doers! You know, you'll not be evil-doers because you were worse than the homosexuals. We are all bad. You'll be evil-doers because your works will have failed to justify you.

And there is a bunch of homosexuals reading this and thinking Well, I know it is a sin. Unlike other people over there, I do not pretend that just because I (like to) do something that makes it a good thing to do. But I just can't help myself! I know the good I should do, but the evil is always right here with me, at my groin, driving me to sin! My urges are stronger than I am! What the heck can I do?
Boy, do I have some really, really liberating news for you!

I know everybody will be surprised who ends up judged righteous. That depraved sinners who are not known for good works shall be deemed righteous, as the hymn goes? (Luganda: Tewali munsi muno mulongoofu, songa tewaliba muggulu.) How is that? Abraham believed, and was judged righteous. He only did (works, viz. circumcision) long after he was judged righteous. How is that?
A friend has just sent me this, so I believe it belongs here as the answer: through the righteousness that comes by faith. Heck, read all of Romans 4 as well.

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Blogger gayuganda said...


I skipped all the religious stuff. But got the essence, anyway....!

Now, I wonder what good old Ugandans will think of the Comrades sexuality?

By the way, I am quite sick and tired of you guys blaming my sexuality on foreigners from the West. Very sick and tired of it.

FYI, even Mother Russia and Father China have homosexuals.... Who failed to be cleared out even through the years of the cold war. Quite sick and tired of that old, well flogged horse, dear Comrade....

But, thanks for the shoulder to lean on. Most Ugandan bloggers have not even provided a straw...!

December 3, 2009 at 9:26 AM  
Blogger The 27th Comrade said...


No, homosexuality isn't being imported from the West. Anybody who says that is an asshole and looks like one saying it. I remember going into this a bit on your blog, once. I can't find the link now. You know, the article on your blog entitled "Got to the President" or something like that.

However, nobody should pretend that the West isn't grasping at homosexuality to use it as a control tool on us. For as long as they do that, homosexuals are in danger here from people like myself. It just may bubble up. People like myself are dangerous fanatics.

About my sexuality, well all the dear bloggers know. I fuck anything that walks (and of late I'm experimenting even with stationary stuff - increases opportunities). :o)

December 3, 2009 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger gayuganda said...

Hi Comrade,

you dont know the battle you are going into.

So, my sexuality is not from the west. Thanks for conceding that.

Now, about this idea of Western influence. Actually, the western influence is Homophobia, and the Christian right.

Well, I think you have been following the news in the US about the influence of the Family, or the Fellowship. and Bahati and Buturo and Museveni.

If you think that is just a long story, you are badly mistaken.

Me, I embrace my brothers and sisters in the west who champion my cause. My brothers and sisters like you have to be prodded into writing a mere blog post to defend me.....

Hey, didnt say that I was going to play nice.

Sometimes, many times, the biggest sin is the sin of silence. And, the Ugandan blogloren has proved that to me.

You included, dear 27th, who continues to blame the very people who have been defending me, while you remained silent with your opinions....!

Next comment, please~~~~!

December 3, 2009 at 10:38 AM  
Blogger Princess said...

GUG, 27th has a point too. Some of the Western influence/ help does have strings attached, much as some of it comes from the people's good nature.

Yes, the pressure from the West is good. But it is not necessarily all good.

December 3, 2009 at 12:50 PM  
Blogger gayuganda said...

[purring with pleasure]

in comes dear big lil sis. Sometimes I wonder whether you are just hovering just over my shoulder, soon to strike!

Hey, sis. Nothing is for something. I told you, and I will always remind you, BEWARE the boy who gives you a smile and a kabalagala. Sooner or later, he will want something a bit more....!

So, why are you assuming that the US gives us 270 Million USD for the good of our hearts? Are you that naive?

Well, sis, better wake up.

Comrade, do you know how many billions China has been pouring into Africa in the last 2-3 years? Do you think it is because of your good nice Communist credentials? You are sleeping bro. Wake up, and smell it.

Sooner, or later, we will have to give China back. Of course, more than they have given us.

That is the law of the Jungle. That is the law of reality. Stop living in ideal heaven. This is the real world

December 3, 2009 at 7:30 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Oh the obtuseness of conventions :-(... 27th, as always, its not in so much what you say, but how you say it. I take away nothing to do with religion, homosexuality, the west or whatever. From this post, I raise so many questions to self. I do not want answers to any of them, but that I continue to question, is simply enough for me.

GUG, I read your blog and somehow I am ways caught on the commenting; Do I apologise for the perils in your life? Do I commend you on what appears to be an immense love of another that eludes so many relationship? The photography? The informative news? And much more... So I choose to read and silently take whatever I can from your posts. Perhaps, in doing so, I leave without disturbing what ever balance you have in place. I am certain of one thing though - that I do not carry the shame alone.

December 3, 2009 at 7:51 PM  
Blogger Princess said...

GUG, it rather sounded like it was you who was doing the naive thinking, in deciding to focus only on the pluses of Western influence.

Essentially, we have said the same thing to each other.

December 3, 2009 at 8:48 PM  
Blogger gayuganda said...

Sweetheart princess,

seems as if you have forgotten my roundabout reasoning.

Okay, let me spell it out.

When the boy offers a kabalagala, you smile. And take it, knowing that it is a trap. But, you have to know it is a trap. If you think it is his very good nature, why Princess, big bro may be called in to demand for the cattle before you are exactly ready for that.

You know what I mean?

Of course, you can refuse to take it. Or, you can take it, and refuse further demands. Either way, the point is, lil sis, it is NOT for free. Nothing is, in this world...!

December 3, 2009 at 9:05 PM  
Blogger Princess said...

Ha, No!

I refuse to be that cynical about everything and everyone. Not yet, at least.

To blissful naive youth! :)

December 3, 2009 at 9:24 PM  
Blogger gayuganda said...


Remind me again what I should give you for your next birthday? A cuddly toy?

But, remember, it will NOT be for nothing.

Now, back to 27th.

Brother, one thing I have admired about you is your courage to engage me. And, to be able to espouse your ideals.

Problem is, your ideals exist in a big wide REAL world. So, you have to square them off with reality. This espousing of rhetoric without the benefit of reality is more characteristic of University students (children), not those who have taken a Post graduate course in reality.

So, drop the funny thinking... sniff, I dont accept it from Princess, why should I from you?

Grow up, already....!

December 3, 2009 at 9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



December 21, 2009 at 3:19 PM  

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