Thursday, October 25, 2007

L'Heure Jolie

Yep. The Uganda Bloggers' Happy Hour.

She be in-a de works. And she says, here (at the bottom), that "the event has been moved to the first Thursday of next month. That is, 1st November which really is Thursday next week. The monthly salary will have made it’s way to many people’s bank accounts so there will be lotsa drinks to go around. So yeah, next Thursday. Mateo’s. 6:30pm"

Now, if you miss, and catch you. Trouble. Be there. Only three acceptable excuses - you know them: sex, baby, anonymity. Post a link or two to thine blog, s'il vous plaît. Do the propaganda thing. ;o) Baz, you are good at ads. Cummon, show me sum'n.

And I am falling off the radar, as it is. That Thursday night will bring in the day that will be the last at my job. No free internet in the slums, so I'm falling off-a de radar.
And I will be hibernating. Spending cents so they can stretch out to when I want to get back to working for other people. Or until the Revolution cometh, and all-a de people will be equal in a Communist utopia! :o)
Okay. There. I can vanish now. I will probably haunt other Happy Hours, but that's not a given. Heck, I'm even plotting for raiding another country for a while. Wicked stories should have piled up by the time I come back. Like the one about the Pretty Girl And The Camera. ;o)


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