Monday, August 27, 2007

Resistance Is Futile?

It's not that I have better things to do. Or I do not have access to MNet and that channel that brings us Big Brother Africa. I had simply chosen not to watch Big Brother because I did not think this version can bring anything I did not see the other time round. And My God, did anyone try to watch the Big Brother Nigeria? I doubt if even in Nigeria they watched it though someone keeps telling me it had tonnes of fans. I believe that not!

Now I think my vow not to watch this version of BBA might not stand much longer. I mean how am I supposed to resist when someone calls me in the middle of night breathlessly informing me Maureen (the Ugandan representative) has slept with Code (Malawian representative)? When I get to work I’m met by a girl besmirching Maureen, “How can you allow your mum to see them doing you?” before she flounces off to watch the Shower Hour on.

Yes, we have this DSTV thing where I work and lunchtime is BBA time! A comment from a woman when they were watching Shower Hour today, “Naye buttocks are ugly!” I say their, because I was only overhearing the comments from where I sit and have not yet given in to watching this BBA thing, this time.

It turns out that Maureen has not yet had sex with Code or anyone else. I know Countryboyi will frown when I say this, but Maureen only kissed Code, so far. I hear. I have not yet begun to watch. I still have not yet gathered the stomach to watch BBA or Shower Hour in particular. I happened upon a picture in Saturday’s Red Pepper of what happens during Shower Hour and I’m still trying to purge the image from my mind.